• New member Ricardo Feliciano brought in his Nexus 7 tablet that would normally run Android Linux.... but it was loaded with a developer preview of the new Ubuntu Touch Linux. Since the Nexus 7 has no HDMI or video out, we could not project for a presentation. But he sent it around the room for people to play with while we watched the official video tour about it. Discussed.
  • The rest of the meeting was an open forum in which members free-form discussed a wide variety of topics.

Attendance: 10 members + 1 new + 0 returning + 1 visitor = 12 attendees, minimum.

Membership: 64 members + 1 new (Feliciano) + 0 returning - 3 expired (Gavrilenko, Montandon, Weber) = 62 TWUUG members.

Congratulations to William Melgaard,who has become out latest "Senior" member with 10 years of tenure and to Scott Abbey and James Ward, our newest "Fellow" members with 5 years tenure each.

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