April 2008

  • Presentation by Mike Logan on his experience with installing Linux on a Sony UMPC after a dismal experience with the included MS-Vista. Conclusion: a little hard to get the build-in Edge cell modem working, but almost everything works and works well.
Small Linux Lineup!
  • Geoff Parsons brought in a OLPC XO-1 Linux based laptop (One Laptop Per Child project) for show and tell. Disamodha Amarasinghe also brought in an XO-1.
  • Short discussion on the charged topic of Microsoft's recent "winning" of ISO approval for MS-OOXML.

The meeting WAS audio recorded. A few discs were available. A premeeting help session was hosted by Matthew Fillpot.

Attendance: 29 members, +5 new, +1 returning, +6 visitors = 41 attendees, minimum.

Membership: 99 members +5 new members (Skipper, Abbey, Scott, Harris, Williams) +1 returning member (Dowell) -5 expired members (Dowd, Lassiter, Montandon, Kevin Peters, Widmer)= 100 TWUUG members.

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