• Another "open forum" type meeting. With various discussions and topics. Including questions/answers about video capture, donated systems, installing Android Linux on an HP Touchpad, etc.
  • Mark Davis:
    • Talked about the growing project of electronic signs at Lake Taylor. Took a peek at Xibo
    • "Show and tell" for a quality Raspberry Pi case.
    • Demoed the fast, simple, and powerful Geeqie Linux image viewing and management program. Geeqie is the fork and successor to the now dead Gqview program.
  • Matthew Fillpot gave a brief update on Steam for Linux and the just released Portal game for Linux. He also shared a quick tip for determining the distro and version by looking at the LSB /etc/os.release file, which is becoming more standard now.

Attendance: 14 members + 0 new + 0 returning + 1 visitors = 15 attendees, minimum.

Membership: 64 members + 0 new + 0 returning - 3 expired (Egan, Parsons, Raker)= 61 TWUUG members.

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