At this meeting:

  • Mark Davis shared information about the "bricking" issue with the Linux workstations at Lake Taylor (HP Desktop Mini's). Several machines were already bricked and about 46 of the 260 machines are in a "pending brick" vulnerable state. It is related to a combination of BIOS problems and AMT updates.
  • William Melgaard presented on his Linux robotic project using a nano-ITX computer connected to an Arduino. Specifically, programming such that non-buffering keyboard control is possible through the usb/serial port.
  • Alan Dudley shared information about his Linux router project having just purchased a PC Engines motherboard. This led to additional conversation about mini and micro ATX boards, especially with more than 2 ethernet ports.
  • Brief conversation about Linux and HAM radio concepts, including CHIRP.

Attendance: 13 Members + 0 new + 1 returning + 0 visitor = 14 attendees, minimum.
Membership: 28 Members + 0 new + 1 returning (McDonald) - 0 expired = 29 TWUUG members.

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