At this meeting:

  • Mark Davis gave a presentation on Chirp, an open-source, multiplatform program used to program 2-way radios. He showed how to download and run Chirp (and configure it) with two new Baofeng BF-F8+ radios. Also supplied info about some of the legalities and cautions, and also the Baofeng scene- how confusing the model numbers and firmware can be out there.
  • Brief conversation about dual factor authentication.
  • Brief talk about Android Linux tablets and the upcoming Samsung Tab S4.

Attendance: 8 Members + 0 new + 0 returning + 0 visitor = 8 attendees, minimum.
Membership: 29 Members + 0 new + 0 returning - 3 expired (Brelin, Kramer, Spicer) = 26 TWUUG members.

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