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Auto Mobile Browser Detection

The TWUUG Forums automatically detects mobile browsers and will switch to a "mobile" format/style. This averts the need for dedicated "apps" to get a reasonable mobile experience on the TWUUG Forums.

When activated, it will drastically change the appearance of the TWUUG Forums by formatting it for a small screen and greatly reducing the number of elements and "frills". This will make touch-screen navigation easier, reduce bandwidth requirements, and prevent having to horizontally scroll. It includes reformatting for not only reading, but also posting, the UCP (User Control Panel), and even the login screen. There are buttons on every screen to override the mobile view and return to the "full" (normal) view. If you are on a desktop browser, it will offer the mobile site near the bottom of each page, saying "Switch to mobile style". It will even remember your preference on that particular browser using cookies.


"Forum Pocket" a free but not open source app for viewing forums like the TWUUG Forums. It can be download from Google Play here:

(The forum does not support "Tapatalk", which is the most known forum software. It is not open source and not free, but is available for both Android and iOS. It requires installation of some extensive modifications to the forum, itself.)

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