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A “web feed” is a streaming list of postings (messages) that you can pull from the site at any time, into an application called an aggregator. It enables the user to read all the postings but without visiting the forum web site.

Aggregators exist for just about every type of platform and operating system. For example, under Linux, one such application is called “Akregator”. Many web browsers also support the functionality. You may use any aggregator software with our forum that supports ATOM and private feeds. (Google Reader, unfortunately does not support private feeds at the time of this writing). ATOM is a standard for web feeds (similar to RSS).

To subscribe to a TWUUG Feed for the Forums, you must first register for a login on the site. Then use one of the following URL's to set up your feed in your software:

Full feed (postings in all forums):

When you first try to access the feed, you will have to supply your login and password to the TWUUG Forums. Normally this only has to occur once (and it is only sent once) so you will not have to enter it again unless you are on a different machine.

It is possible to set up individual feeds for each forum by using the forum ID:[ForumID] (replace “[ForumID]” with the forum ID number. For more information, see this page:

By the way, you can also set up an RSS feed (not ATOM) for this TWUUG Wikimedia website that will alert you to any and all changes with this URL:

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