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The Wyvern Era

A group was first started by a handful of local residents in approximately 1989, including Tom Manos, Bill Roberts. Shortly after, it evolved into "TWUUG" and included such people as Mark Davis and Lyman Byrd.

The early meetings were sponsored by the then-new Wyvern Technologies in Norfolk. We obtained our internet connection through an agreement with ODU in which we provided them a high-speed modem (expensive in those days) and they gave us a UUCP feed.

The Infinet Era

A few years passed and Wyvern eventually became "Infinet", and the meetings were held at their new building and our internet connectivity was upgraded to a real feed.

The Lockheed Era

Meetings also rotated to Lockheed Martin in Chesapeake.

The Lake Taylor Era

In 1993, the meetings started to be hosted at Lake Taylor Transitional Care Hospital in Norfolk. (To get more information about Lake Taylor, Click Here ) We usually meet in the North Classroom, but if there is a special event, we have been known to overflow into the Cafeteria (which is much larger).

Around 2006 this Wiki replaced our previous static main website. In mid 2012 the hosting of the TWUUG server was moved to Lake Taylor Hospital from Metro Machine. In late 2012, the group unveiled the TWUUG Forums.

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