How to get Help


If you are stuck on a linux or other free software problem, there are plenty of places to turn to for help. Lots of these places are free, but some companies do offer paid support for linux and related technologies.

Consult the Application Documentation

See Linux Application Documentation for a list of the resources available on your computer.

Google It!

Chances are, if you have a problem, you're not the only one who's run into this before. Try searching for relevant terms to your problem in Google, for example, "public printer samba configuration"

Keep in mind that for certain searches, Google has a variety of Special Searches, including school/university, government, linux, BSD, Mac, etc.

Searching on other engines such as Yahoo or Lycos may help as well.

TWUUG Forums

Using our very own TWUUG Forums is a great place to start!

For the most effective use of the Forums, make sure you try researching the problem on your own first. That way, you will have a better idea of how to phrase your question and it will show that you have invested some time trying to solve it. Then, when you are ready to post, include relevant information about what is going wrong, what you tried, what you are trying to do, and any error messages. If it is hardware related, always include the make and model.

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