Twuug logos


Actually we didn't have a logo at first. It was just the words.

First Logo, Try 2

OK, so our actual first logo appeared around the year 1998 and looked like this:


Current Logos

The logo was then revised a few years later to make it cleaner. Our current logo variations look like this:


And, of course, you can see the cleanest version on the top left of this website.

Despite much speculation, there isn't a special, hidden "meaning" in the logo. The various colors are just for interesting contrast and to denote the multiple missions of TWUUG.

If you must put a meaning on the gradient triangle, then consider it a three-fasceted object with such grand triple notions as:

  • Unix, Linux, and BSD
  • Posix, Open Source, and Freedom
  • Learning, Teaching, and Sharing
  • Home, Work, and School
  • TWUUG EMail Lists, Meetings, and Website
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