Hi, I am Mark A. Davis and this is my user page on TWUUG. I have been a very active member of TWUUG just about since it started eons ago and I now host the TWUUG meetings and generally try to act as the "glue" that holds the group together. (Does that make me sticky, or perhaps just stuck?)

I am currently the Director of Information Systems at Lake Taylor Transitional Care Hospital and have been employed there since early 1989. Yes, I know everyone wants to call it "Information Technology" now, but I already changed the name once before, and I am tired of creating new signs and cards.

As an alumnus of ODU, I have also taught college Linux courses, written a few published computer articles, and consulted for a few other companies. Seems like the longer I stay in the field, the less I know and the less time I have for anything.

My first "real" computer was a Tandy/TRS-80 CoCo 1 with a whopping 4K of memory and cassette tape drive. As the years went by, it evolved into a CoCo 2, and then a CoCo 3... on which I wrote my first commercial application (a graphics editor). Everything was ultra-facinating but then real interesting stuff started... "OS9" on the CoCo. Quite a powerful OS by Microware, OS9 had many aspects of Unix and set me on that path.

My first exposure to Unix was Altos Xenix running on a 986t. Then Altos Unix, SCO Unix, Solaris, (several other Unixen), and then.... Linux! I was completely blown away by Linux, especially after poking at Minix and looking at the GNU tools. Who would have known it would take off like it did. Now, most of my computer "world" revolves around Linux: work, home, and hobby. I have great confidence in the power of Open Source.

This is Zachary Zeus Davis of Broadsway, also known as just "Zach"

OK, I guess I should add some non-TWUUG/work stuff to round out the page. I love cats and have two that own me. Enjoy movies, Sci-fi is great, although a good drama, action, or mystery is important too. Gotta have the latest techno gadget, sometimes before I can sell that old one on Ebay. Love music... listening and playing. Gotta take a ride on my motorcycle when I get the time, too.

I am usually overly analytical, too political, and too wordy (not worldly). I believe in personal freedoms, responsibility, accountability, less government, and more privacy... oops, I have revealed too much, must edit down this page soon.

Anyway, you can contact me via Email with the login name of "mark" at the domain:

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