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If necessary, chat with me here.

Kay, gonna leave you another message. After tooling around our wiki for a bit now, our server seems to be a bit slow with browsing and updates and stuff. what're the specs on the computer running this? I vaguely recall discussion on this before but I just can't remember.

I talked to Ken about it- he is aware it is slow, sometimes slower than others. When it is REALLY slow is when they are doing backups. Other than that time, it isn't horrible, but not wonderful. He plans on hardware upgrades soon. --Mark 12:13, 3 Nov 2006 (EST)

Also, wikispamming by user Cams. check out this diff but I'll revert. If you don't know who it is see if you can delete the account DaveHarris 16:25, 20 Oct 2006 (EDT)

Thank you for revert. Yep- he is a nasty. I blocked him for two years :)-- Mark 12:13, 3 Nov 2006 (EST)

Hey, if you have any documentation about the process you used to change from the monobook style to this style for the TWUUG wiki, can you let me know? (or if it's easy, just tell me what you remember about it.)  :) thanks, DaveHarris 23:16, 8 Nov 2006 (EST)

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