Our meeting facility was closed to outside meetings due to COVID-19 restrictions. We had a virtual meeting using Jitsi at 7:30pm on Thursday, October 7.

This 1.5+ hour meeting had up to 10 attendees. Attendees included me, Dave, JohnM, John, Tim, Frank, Ari, William, Spoonie, and Jeff. Topics included Samsung A52 Linux Android phone, Galaxy Watch 4 running WearOS (they switched from Tizen Linux to Android Linux), Firefox Xrender issues, Facebook downtime, Guacamole remote access, Let's Encrypt issues, BlackBox KVM's. I (Mark) had lots of connection issues during the meeting, it turned out to be some major problem with my cable modem (Cox) and I ended up on the phone with Cox support for 1.5 hours and countless resets and such before it was back to normal. We also discovered the Email notifications from the TWUUG Forum site are delayed, often by around an hour.

There are 142 forum members.

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