About Site



The purpose of the site:

  • Provide the community with information about the TWUUG group
  • Provide information about the next meeting date, time, location
  • Provide information on how to communicate with members via the TWUUG Forums
  • Provide useful guides to TWUUG members
  • Provide a place to store the meeting logs


Although it might not look like it at first glance, this is a wiki website, based on Media Wiki. This is the same technology that powers the incredible WikiPedia Encyclopedia!

Being a Wiki, this site can:

  • Track all changes made to every page
  • Undo intentional or accidental damage to pages
  • Provide quick full-text searching of the site
  • Quickly show everything that is new
  • Allow integration of pictures and sound files

Look at the "Special Pages" for many more features


Originally this was a collaborate site in which anyone could contribute to editing the majority of this site. Unfortunately, the site started getting severely spammed and damaged several years ago by automated "bots" and we had to lock down the site to prevent further damage. At this time, we do not allow anonymous editing of pages and you have to get approval for a login. Slowly we are trying to revise the site and at least prune out old or outdated information.

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