About Meetings

TWUUG exists as both an on-line and physical group. The on-line nature is handled through this website, the Forums, and when we have virtual meetings. Physical meetings are very important to the mission of the group. There are many reasons we have meetings:

  1. Putting real faces to names
  2. Building a TWUUG community
  3. Useful presentations and demos of things not well suited to on-line
  4. Meeting in person with other members before and after the meeting
  5. Trade/swap/sell/fix/examine hardware

Attendance varies wildly. Sometimes as low as 4 and sometimes over 20. It depends of a variety of factors: weather, time of year, presentations offered, etc. If you want to volunteer to present and/or have topic suggestions, please post them on the Forums.

Meeting Dates/Times/Location

TWUUG meets on the first Thursday of each month. This date is moved if there is a conflict with a holiday. The date of the next meeting is always posted on our home page. Meetings start at 7:30pm and run until 9:30pm or so.

Normally, physical meetings are located at:

Lake Taylor Transitional Care Hospital
1309 Kempsville Road
Norfolk, VA 23502

And virtual meetings are held on Jiti. The reasons Jitsi was selected were:

  • It is based on open-source software
  • It is based on open standards
  • It works with all browsers on all operating systems
  • It does not require any add-ons, plug-ins, or additional software
  • It doesn't require any type of membership or login
  • They offer a free, cloud-hosted platform


Map to meeting location. Click for a larger view

From Interstate 64: Take the Military Highway South exit (exit 281). Proceed south about 1/2 mile.You will pass the Hilton, and Norfolk Tech. Take a left on Lowery Road, which is between Farm Fresh and Walmart. Lake Taylor Hospital will be on your left, before Kempsville Rd.

From Interstate 264: Take the Military Highway North exit. Proceed north about 1 mile. You will pass Military Circle Mall. Take a right on Lowery Road, which is between Farm Fresh and Walmart. Lake Taylor Hospital will be on your left, before Kempsville Rd.

Meeting Structure

TWUUG is an informal group. Therefore, we do not adhere to any strict agendas for meetings. Some meetings are more structured than others, it depends on what needs to be covered that night. Often meetings have no official topic, it is just steered by what people have to share and want to know.

Meeting History/Log

Not everyone can make it to a meeting, so we keep logs of what happened in each meeting on this website. We started keeping logs Jan 2005 and they are posted on the wiki as well as the forums. With the introduction of forums, it is now easy for presenters and attendees to elaborate in the log.

CLICK HERE to visit the log!

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