Speakers bureau


Do you need a guest speaker to talk at your school, college, civic league, business, or other group? TWUUG can help!

What we can offer

As businesses, schools, and other organizations continue to show more interest in Linux, Unix, FOSS, and related topics, there is an increasing demand for information from reliable sources. There is nothing quite as powerful as hearing from a local user who has real-world experience. TWUUG has a group of users in the field, including systems professionals and college-level instructors. Many of these TWUUG members are quite willing to share their experience and time with others.


Overview, definitions, design, who uses it, why, installation, strong points, weaknesses, comparisons, legalities, costs, etc:

  • Unix/Linux OS
  • Unix/Linux: Security, Networking, Programming, SysAdmin, Backup
  • OpenOffice
  • FireFox
  • Apache
  • GNU
  • GPL (GNU Public License)
  • Computer privacy
  • Open standards compliance

How to proceed

Contact TWUUG. Do this by either joining the Forums and posting a message to the group, or by contacting Mark Davis. Please provide information to address the following questions:

  • Where is your meeting? (Address)
  • When is/are your meeting/meetings? (Date(s)/Time(s))
  • What type of group?
  • What is the estimated audience size?
  • What level of experience do the attendees have?
  • How long of a presentation do you require (min/max)?
  • What particular topics would you like addressed by a TWUUG speaker?
  • What other topics will be presented by others at the meeting?
  • Do you have an Internet connection available? What type/speed?
  • Do you have a video projector? What connection/resolution?
  • Would you like to have handouts?

We will attempt to locate a willing individual with experience in the specific areas you request. Honorariums are not expected.

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