TWUUG, or the "Tidewater Unix User's Group", is a local computer user's group serving the Hampton Roads area of Virginia (Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Hampton, Newport News). We discuss all UNIX and UNIX-like operating systems, including Linux and BSD's plus related Free and Open Source Software (FOSS).

TWUUG has been around for many years now (since 1989) and is one of the strongest and longest lasting user groups of any kind in southeastern Virginia.

Everyone is welcome! We have no dues or charges. We have monthly Meetings and wonderful online Forums site.

If you would like to help spread the word, you can print out and distribute our Tri-Fold flier.


  • To act as a conduit for Unix/Linux users in the area to share information and experiences.
  • To teach the community about Unix/Linux & Free and Open Source Software (FOSS).
  • To support the cause of "Open Systems".
  • To provide a forum for demonstrations of and discussions on new Unix/Linux hardware and software.
  • To provide an area where networking information can be discussed.
  • To support the members and the local area with projects that seem appropriate to the group.
  • To support employment opportunities for those local persons with Unix/Linux skills.

Audience & Name

There is no one type of person attracted to TWUUG. Some come for the meetings, come to get experience to find a job, others for friendship, and still others for education. Members are young and old, near and far, novice and experienced, hobbiest and professionals. This variety makes the group far more interesting than it would otherwise be. Of course, the challenge is to find topics that can keep everyone satisfied, at least some of the time.

TWUUG contains the word "Unix". Unix is more than just an operating system, it is a way of thinking, computing, and managing systems. With the advent of Linux and the free BSD's, the "Unix Way" has spread to encompass all kinds of people. TWUUG is a:

Organizational Structure

Well, there is no official organizational structure! Plus, we are not incorportated. TWUUG is an informal group and most of the members have made it clear they don't want officers, voting, or Robert's Rules.

Traditionally the host of the meeting has been the "leader". At the moment, that is Mark A. Davis. The host acts as a group coordinator and figurehead. He consults with members via the meetings, the Forums, and through special meetings and polls when necessary. From the information gathered, suggested courses of action are offered and consensus is sought from the group.

As chaotic as it can sometimes appear, it seems to work well. Generally, this is because the group is composed of rational, experienced members.


TWUUG is mainly sponsored by the members. They provide the presentations and the conversations on the Forums.

In addition to the members, our current corporate sponsorship includes:


Lake Taylor Transitional Care Hospital in Norfolk, who provides a meeting location, bandwidth for the website, the Forums, and the membership directory, and printing services.


TWUUG maintains a small treasury to pay for discs, printing costs, labels, our site-owned equipment, our domain names, and for special events. TWUUG does not charge dues, so the source of incoming money has been revenue from discs at the meetings, MarketPro shows (which we have not done in many years now), and by auctioning donated goods to the group by members or vendors.

Money is spent from the treasury for normal needs as identified by the Host. Larger expenditures are approved by the group at meetings or via the mailing lists.


TWUUG has a rich history. To view our history, CLICK HERE
CLICK HERE to see the TWUUG logos

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