At this meeting:

  • Presentation by Alan Dudley on the GPD Micro PC, an Indigogo project. The Micro PC is a 6" hand-held computer which supports Linux. Alan installed Arch Linux and explained his motivation for the purchase, and the positives and negatives of the device, so far.
  • Exploration of some "newer" Linux commands such as "timeout", "stress", and "pinky."
  • Pricing of large servers and their components.
  • Taking of the Redhat Certified Engineer Exam

Attendance: 6 Members + 1 new + 0 returning + 0 visitors = 7 attendees.
Membership: 24 Members + 1 new (Moore) + 0 returning - 1 expired (Duff,Loui,Patten) = 22 TWUUG members.
Forum: 132 users.
Congratulations to our newest "Senior" member, Steve Sanchez, continuous member since 2009!

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