This was our first in-person meeting in over 2.5 years. Attending were at least: Me, Chadd, Marvin, John M, Hans, Dave, Joel, Fred, and Jon (9). I also set up a remote feed to Jitsi (with some technical issues) and attending there were at least: Randy W, Randy P, Trent, Sean, and William (5). Total attendance: 14.

Topic was Mark’s new Lenovo X13 AMD laptop that arrived that morning with a Linux installation. Unfortunately, we were unable to display the BIOS screens to attendees, which were many and interesting. Showed installation of Linux Mint 21, stand-alone, secure boot off. Worked very well and boots in 6 seconds. Performed some tests, looked through some of the settings options. Performed an update (which was slow due to servers). Then actually updated the BIOS under Linux, something I have never seen before, using “fwupd” / fwupdmgr, which worked perfectly.

There are 147 TWUUG forum members.

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