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Before Posting

Here are some questions to ask yourself before posting that message on the TWUUG Forums:

  • Is this thread/topic Linux/FOSS/Unix related?
  • Is the subject related to the contents of the message?
  • Does it quote enough that people can follow the thread?
  • Is it too long? Too short?
  • Does my request for help contain enough background information?
  • Could it be misinterpreted? In what way?
  • Will this offend TWUUG members?
  • Will it cause conflict? Anger?
  • Could this be interpreted as personal attack?
  • Does it contain just opinions or some factual information?
  • Will it drive a wedge between people or bring them together?
  • Is this productive?
  • Is this basically negative or positive?
  • Does it help find solutions or just point out flaws?
  • What is my motive? Who is the audience?
  • Could I say this better? Should I say nothing at all?
  • Is this something I want to see in an archive, years from now?
  • Is this how I want to portray myself?

Users are able to edit or remove their own postings, but keep in mind that notification Email content is permanent (can't be undone) and edits do not send out additional notifications. TWUUG encourages freedom, but overly irrelevant, hostile, obscene, or inappropriate postings/threads might be locked and/or removed.

Seeking Employees

TWUUG is your resource for local employment. There is a pool of Linux/Unix/FOSS trained people and employers in Hampton Roads and many of them monitor TWUUG. If you are a business or recruiter looking to use TWUUG as a resource, please following the rules listed below in regards to the Forums:

  1. Your posting MUST be related to finding a Unix/Linux trained individual for a Unix/Linux related position to post on the "general" forum. If it is not Unix/Linux related but is still technical, you can post ONLY to the "off topic" forum.
  2. Your posting MUST be for a LOCAL position only, unless it is a tele-commute type job. You may include positions for the greater Hampton Roads area, including areas immediately surrounding, but not as far as Richmond or Raleigh NC.
  3. Join the Forums and post a message yourself.
  4. Alternatively, you can contact a SINGLE TWUUG member (such as Mark Davis) and ask him/her to post for you.
  5. Post ONLY ONCE about any one position.
  6. Include a short but meaningful job description (skills/education/experience required, job duties) and contact information.
  7. Do not include information about benefits or compensation. Also do not include any type of bonus, recruitment, or finder's fees information.

Seeking Employment

If you are looking for a local, Linux/Unix related position: Make sure to join the Forums. Post the fact that you are looking for employment and some basic info. You might be surprised how many people follow the list and might be able to help.

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