TWUUG, I would like to attend the 6th April meeting in Norfolk. I would like to add to the meeting agenda the DoD 8500-1M (Novemeber 2005) instruction and discuss impacts to LINUX users/administrators, and the types of Civilian Certifications in LINUX that map too required/useful skill sets for LINUX admistrators.

Samuel Jay Langham Submarine Force Information Systems (757) 553-8989

I don't know what a 8500 is, but please do attend! Discussions welcome on the mail list--Mark 16:01, 25 Mar 2006 (EST)

New To Linux

Hello, My name is Richard (age 15), and I am new to Linux. Is that ok if i wish to attend a meeting? Also, are there any teenagers in the group?

Richard, please sign up for the mailing_lists to ask questions. All persons are welcome to come to the meetings and meet the group.

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